20 abril 2024

Recognized consecutively since 2017 with the FIA's top environmental certification, the Vodafone Rally de Portugal continues to implement a rigorous environmental management system to minimize the event's impact. Because there are races we all have to win.

As well as being the biggest sporting event held annually in Portugal, the Vodafone Rally de Portugal also has an increasingly comprehensive and integrated environmental policy, in conjunction with the various entities involved in the organization, including the 15 municipalities through which the event passes.

In line with the FIA's sustainability objectives, the World Rally Championship (WRC) itself has adopted fuels completely free of fossil hydrocarbons, as well as introducing hybrid engines for the current cars in the premier category, the Rally1, in 2022.

To design and implement the event's Environmental Management System, the Automóvel Club de Portugal established partnerships with the Portuguese Environment Agency, the municipalities involved in the event, environmental authorities and local waste management entities. It has also defined a program to offset greenhouse gas emissions, as exemplified by the recent planting of native trees in the municipality of Paredes.

Just one example of the many measures set out in the Vodafone Rally de Portugal Environmental Management System, which can be consulted here.

If you're going to watch the WRC show live in Portugal, join us and help us win the most important race!

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