Stage Flash SS20 Wolf Power Stage Fafe 2

23 maio 2021


“Honestly I always take maximum as I can. Let’s see what Elfyn is doing. No one wants to

open in Sardinia. You can expect better, for sure. On the points side, it has been okay.”



“I don’t know. I can’t do more. Maybe the car was moving a little too much. I tried to keep

the rhythm. Either it was a good time or I was overdriving.” 



“It feels good. Maybe we were not the fastest crew this weekend but we had a good pace

and kept out of trouble and had enough pace to keep ahead of Dani this morning. It

comes at a good time. I am happy to take this one.”



“It was a good feeling to be back on the race yesterday. I have not had the feeling for one

and a half years. But it seems like we have to wait for another event.”



“I don’t have anything good to say about the weekend. It was a difficult one. A technical

issue and the hopes for the points had gone. We have to get our heads together and start

to be fast again.”



“Definitely I stepped forward a bit from before. I enjoyed the rally except today. It is part of

the game. I try to more improve.” 



“We are 20 seconds slower but I did not want to push and our tyres are dead. It was a

good weekend for me, good learning with the car. We had a difficult test because it was

raining. I am really happy and thanks to M-Sport for the opportunity. We will be in Sardinia

with the WRC2 car.” 



“Things look good going forwards. We had some issues but, in terms of the pace and the

performance, I am happy. Big thanks to the team.”  


Car 6.       SORDO/ROZADA

“I am so happy to come back and do second place. I was disappointed not to catch Elfyn

today but, when you are faster, you win. I am also happy to get some points for the

Manufacturers’ Championship and a first podium for Borja.” 


Car 22.     LAPPI/FERM

“It was really a strong rally from us. The team did an amazing job. No problems with the

car and, with a rough rally like this, that is very impressive. I am very satsified.” 



“We never gave up. We were pushing all the way and have been experimenting a bit. We

know Sardinia is coming quickly and we have one week to be at our best. We have to do

some serious thinking over the next week. We need to continue to improve. It was

disappointing with the puncture but at least we have shown our speed.” 



“The result is really good. Today I was struggling so badly. l I am happy we survived and

brought the car home. We can be happy for second position.”



“Still I don’t satisfied in some stage. Thanks to everyone for this race, the organisers and

the team for enabling me to continue. My co-driver did a good job. The second WRC rally

for him. No pushing at all. I decided to make the car go to the finish and not risk anything. 



“It has been very good fun. A difficult event and a lot to learning in the new car on gravel.

A lot of work on the weekend to get better. The pace has been good on a few stages and

we managed to show some pace. I have been taking it easy after the intercom problems

this morning. My tyres went a long time ago. Not the result I hoped for but a fantastic rally


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